Wynelle Clifton
(Photo courtesy of  Wilma Smith)

Frances Wynelle (Bridges) Clifton
October 26, 1924 - June 23, 2003

by Ray Houston
(Extracted from Region 6 Newsletter Archives & information provided by Binion Amerson)

Hemerocallis 'Wynelle Clifton'
(Ury Winniford, 1983)
(Photo by Binion Amerson)

Frances Wynelle (Bridges) Clifton was born in Boyd, Wise County, Texas, October 26, 1924, the daughter of Joseph Henry Bridges and Rosetta Mae (Hoyle) Bridges. She married William Ashley Clifton on October 10, 1946, in Irving, Texas.

Wynelle was very active in the Daylily Growers of Dallas club and served as club President in 1989.

She was an accomplished artist and drew the black and white cover artwork for six of the Region 6 Newsletters 1988-91. She was also very creative in the Design Section of the Daylily Flower Shows.

Wynelle was President of the TNT Judges Study Club (1999-2001) and President of the Dallas Flower Show Judges Founders Group (2002-03).

The Wynelle Clifton Memorial Garden was dedicated on June 12, 2004 at Kiest Park by the Friends of Oak Cliff Parks with 300 plants donated by the Daylily Growers of Dallas.

Wynelle died on June 23, 2003, in East Rochester, New Hampshire.

Wynelle Clifton's Region 6 Newsletter Cover Artwork

Hemerocallis 'Chatterbox'
(Mildred Smith, 1982)
1988 Region 6 Summer Newsletter

H. 'Wind Frills'
(Inez Tarrant, (1978)
1988 Region 6 Fall/Winter Newsletter

H. 'Satan's Curls'
(Nell Crandall, 1987)
1989 Region 6 Summer Newsletter

H. 'Little Rosy Cloud'
(Elna Winniford, 1985)
1989 Region 6 Fall/Winter Newsletter

H. 'Little Zinger'
(Edna Lankart, 1979)
1990 Region 6 Fall/Winter Newsletter

H. 'Easy Ned'
(Betty Brown, 1987)
1991 Region 6 Summer Newsletter

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