1983 American Hemerocallis Society
Bertrand Farr Silver Medal
Ury G. Winniford
by Joyce Lewis
(Reprinted from Region 6 Newsletter, Summer, 1983)

This year's recipient of the coveted Bertrand Farr Silver Medal, announced at the National Convention in Birmingham, is our own Ury G. Winniford of Dallas. This Medal is awarded by the American Hemerocallis Society to one person each year as "a distinguished honor for members who have attained outstanding results in the field of hybridizing." Mr. Winniford becomes the third recipient from Region 6 since the first award was presented in 1950, the others being Hugh M. Russell in 1958, and Lucille Williamson in 1978.

As a tribute to Ury and his wife, Elna, who shares side by side in the Winniford's hybridizing endeavors, we would like to quote from a few of the many comments in letters your RVP has received since the National Convention.

Maybelle Dodd - In the current issue of the Daylily Journal, President Ned Irish mentions a hybridizer whose introductions were all planted in the same bed in a tour garden and most of them proved to be alike except for minor variations. This could never in the world happen to Ury Winniford. He has produced outstanding cultivars in both diploids and tetraploids; all sizes from miniature to giant; colors from almost black through red, orange, yellow, pink, lavender, etc. to near-white. His Hemerocallis 'Bertie Ferris' has proven of such value in breeding that it would assure him permanent status even if he had quit there and achieved nothing else. Congratulations, Ury. The Bertrand Farr Silver Medal was never more richly deserved.

Ruth Ratliff - Ury Winniford - "Mr. Daylily." A man of patience, kindness, and a temper, too. I am glad to be in his world. It is surrounded with beautiful daylilies. He is one of the most generous persons I have ever known. He always takes time to answer questions. (I know sometimes he must think they are pretty dumb.) Thanks for being my friend, Ury.

Patsy Lepper - Everyone was going crazy over Mr. Winniford's new introduction, H. 'Bertie Ferris'! This was my first Region 6 Meeting and I was so excited just being there! Someone introduced me to Ury and he told me he was giving ME a plant of 'Bertie Ferris'. I was shocked and felt like a kid at Christmas! So, because of Ury, I started my daylily life off with a bang, and I know he has helped a lot of other beginners get a good start in the daylily world.

Gertrude Lanham - The first time I met Ury and Elna Winniford was on a chartered bus to the National Convention. Ury was always telling jokes and how we laughed! His singing, though, was enjoyable, too. I remember Karen Metzger said, "Please sing more - I know there is more!," when he stopped after the first verse of some song. I have enjoyed the fellowship of Ury and Elna on many occasions, but, of course, his skill at hybridizing gorgeous daylilies gives us all a big thrill when we walk into his garden at bloom time. What a treat!

Patsy Kyser - Jim and I still consider ourselves novices in the daylily area, but with friends like Ury Winniford helping us we have the possibility to come up with some beautiful flowers. He is a caring person and wants to see young people active in the American Hemerocallis Society and in hybridizing. He wants to see that daylilies will continue to produce new colors and types. He has taught us techniques of hybridizing, storing pollen, and things most people take for granted. Yes, Mr. Winniford is a patient man. He takes so much precious time to show us which type of flowers are the best to work with to produce certain desired results. He is a generous man in giving much of his time and care to the local Society and the Region, always ready and willing to donate plants for the auction, bus fund, or sale. Mr. Winniford is a special person to us, and Jim and I are both so proud to have daylilies named for us that he hybridized.

We are all proud to be part of Ury's daylily family!

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